A Warm Welcome


A Warm Welcome

November 11, 2018 By

With an extremely busy shop front in Wynyard, Tasmania we decided it was time to expand and present a website and embrace the world of convenient online shopping. Every day in our store we meet so many customers all on unique journeys of their own and now we are ready to support to make informed choices about their health from our website. As a staff we all bring to the shop a variety of values, health and lifestyle choices and we are ready to interact with you all.

Meet our wonderful owner Vicki. Her customers have named her shop “The College of Knowledge” due to her awareness and understanding of living a healthier lifestyle. Vicki can help you make informed choices about anything from crystals to calcium and chlorophyll to cashews. A very spiritual person, Vicki has embraced a whole food/real food, integrating a keto, lifestyle; performs weekly cold-water swims and plays the Taiko Drums. Vicki is passionate about a plastic free lifestyle, Australian made and natural products.

The males in our team are Geoff and Mathew. Geoff is the owner of the shop and ensures it runs smoothly due to his brilliance in delivering the stock, fixing everything, and I mean everything, and serving in the shop. He’s the yes man and we couldn’t do without him.

Mathew is Vicki and Geoff’s grandson and has been working in the shop since he was 14. Mathew brings youthful ideas and IT expertise to the shop. Mathew has an interest in sport and exercise and practises a healthy lifestyle. You’ll see him in the store on a Saturday.

Karina now runs the website and online store as well as being in store. As a former teacher and trauma counsellor she has knowledge on anxiety and depression and welcomes customers to interact with her on discussing children’s behaviours and adult mental health issues. As a keen runner Karina is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and looking after your body with the many goods we stock.

Meg stocks products in the shop and is keen to spend time with customers on a Wednesday discussing a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and weight loss. Meg has a wealth of knowledge about a ketogenic lifestyle. Meg is also a child educator and a keen runner, gym junkie and loves the great outdoors.

So as well as being on our own unique journeys in life we come together as likeminded people to support you in your chosen lifestyle. We appreciate all your choices in life and are at the store to share our knowledge, learn from our customers and bring you the best products possible.
We all look forward to meeting you in store and online.

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