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Tasmanian Product – Three Warriors

August 23, 2019 By

Wow what a fantastic name – Three Warriors. The name conjures up images of battling but courageous and strong people – I guess anyone who produces and uses certified and toxic free beauty products should be labelled a warrior. Corbin Halliday produced the Three Warrior range in response to being unwell and wanting to promote healthy and nourishing care for his and our skin.

Last week our beautiful Three Warriors Rep Gemma visited Nuts About Health, see her radiant smile in our photo. Gemma stocked our shelves with all things Three Warrior. We now have the ever-popular Face Tan Aqua Mist which is 100% vegan. The other products, the Gradual Tan, Self-Tan Mousse and Tasmanian Sand Scrub are all vegetarian.


The Three Warrior formula contains organic, plant and vegetable derived ingredients. Its so nice to put toxic free products on our skin.

Face Tan Aqua Mist – tan the face with electrolytes and minerals derived straight from Tasmanian’s purest water. Beautiful Tasmanian ingredients will make your face bronze and hydrate.

Gradual Tan – Suitable for face and body this product will moisturise your skin as it creates a beautiful glow and used daily will form a deeper darker tan. Infused with certified organic Manuka honey, olive oil and aloe vera.

Self-Tan Mousse – Leave this soft mousse on your skin for as long as you need to develop your desired depth of tan. The tan will fade gradually leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Tasmanian Sand Scrub – So gentle on your skin to prepare your body for your Three Warriors Tan.  Beautiful white pristine Tasmanian sand, finely ground walnut shell and water sourced from pure, icy cold springs.


Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt – Great for applying the Self-Tanning Mousse. Made from eco friendly materials.

We have our range of Three Warriors in our online store and at our shop front.

Happy Tanning.

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