Paper Journal with Bodhi Leaf


Paper Journal with Bodhi Leaf


Paper Journal with Bodhi Leaf

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  • Unique handmade Tibetan paper journals are hardbacked and are produced according to ancient, Himalayan paper-making techniques
  • They are made from lokta paper, produced from the inner bark of the Daphne bush – grown in sustainably managed forests in the Himalayan foothills
  • Cover design available – Gold Bodhi Leaf
  • The bodhi leaf is an ancient Tibetan symbol of wisdom, transcendence and perfection
  • Prince Siddhartha seeking release from the suffering of humankind, sat under the canopy of a large bodhi tree and meditated until he attained enlightenment (or “nirvana”) and became the Buddha
  • Available full A4 size.
  • Juniper Wood Pen with bead and tassel. Handmade in the Himalayas . Also available


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