Amazing Oils Magnesium Pro Pain Relief Spray

Amazing Oils Magnesium Pro Pain Relief Spray


magnesium pro

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Magnesium helps relieve leg It also helps to decrease symptoms of cramps, reduces spasms and maintains muscle health. It assists to relieve mild nerve pain and headache symptoms. It also helps to decrease symptoms of premenstrual tension and mild arthritis.

Don’t enjoy the feeling of regular magnesium oil on your skin?
Magnesium Pro Spray is for you.
Magnesium Pro is less oily and more friendly to those who usually get itchy from regular magnesium oil products. The Magnesium Pro comes with a trigger spray that mists your magnesium for a much more refreshing experience.

Applying Magnesium Pro to the skin can be beneficial for topical and systemic effects – Studies indicate that magnesium can be absorbed through the skin. Use up to 32mL daily. Supplements can only be of benefit when dietary intake is inadequate.

Sensitive Skin / Magnesium Deficient:
Apply to damp skin for the first week.

60.4 mg/mL Magnesium chloride hexahydrate equivalent to 19.2 mg/mL Magnesium Multipurpose liquid. Store Below 30 degrees Celcius.

Made in Australia


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