Gifts for your Mum or Special Person on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gifts

Gifts for your Mum or Special Person on Mother’s Day

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Whether your mum loves chocolate or would rather relax in a magnesium bomb bath we have a lovely gift for your mother or special person in your life to make their day special.

If your mum loves contributing to a healthier environment, and we are sure she does, we have a range of environmentally friendly products to either start her collection or add to it. Our most popular items include produce bags, beeswax wraps, keep cups and bamboo cutlery.

We have a beautiful range of diffusers, scented candles and aromatherapy essential oils and fragrances to relax your mum at the end of the day. Our popular magnesium chloride flakes can be beautifully presented – a wonderful way to say to mum to take her time chilling out in a bath or foot spa.

Chocolates are a favourite and we have such a variety to spoil your mum including the organic plant based Loving Earth chocolate in a variety of flavours, vegan Bennetto Natural Foods Co chocolate and Organic Chocolaty Raw Handmade Chocolate. Any of our chocolates are sure to impress your mum with their delicious taste, ethical packaging and vegan varieties.

Let your mum relax on Sunday, and every day, sipping one of our popular teas. With teas named Relax, Womanhood, Love and Revitalise in our Pukka range of teas you are sure to find one that suits your mum’s needs. We also recommend Planet Earth, Red Seal and Yarra Valley Tea, all available in our store. If your mum enjoys a hot chocolate we have French Mint, Orange and Chilli varieties.

You will always find the perfect gift for your mum or special person either in our store or on our online store. We are happy to gift wrap or gift bag your purchase.


Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday 12 May 2019.





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