Bone Broth to the Rescue

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Bone Broth to the Rescue

November 26, 2018 By

For as long as I can remember bone broth has been a part of my life, from childhood right up until last weekend when I was feeling rather low, had a cold and only a little energy. My mum simmered the chicken bones, for a very long time, to get the best nutrients as can be. It was delicious and within hours I was feeling fine and ready to move and mingle again.

For centuries people have been making bone broth essentially due to the great immunity and gut health properties the broth brings to us. For those who have hours to make bone broth keep on going but for many of us who are relatively time poor, a fantastic idea was generated in 2013 from our wonderful Nuts About Health owner Vicki and her friend gut health specialist Micheline Andrews. After the broth was strained of its impurities it was dried into a powder still full of nutritional value. Several years later many companies have developed this idea and bone broth powder is full of a combination of protein, amino acids, vitamin C, collagen, calcium and vitamin B12 to support our bone health, immunity and gut health. Gut health is a hot topic at the moment in the health industry and rightly so, as our gut affects the health of plenty of other systems of our body and brain. We need to help our gut stay healthy by letting the good bacteria in our intestines out number those nasty bacteria that are also there. By having bone broth daily, we are caring for our wellbeing and gut health, feel good and resist nasties like disease and infections.

Nutra Organics Bone Broth is presented in a rather sleek looking 100g packet, great for looking good in your pantry and/or giving as a gift to one needing to feel good both inside and out. We cater for the free-range chicken lovers, grass fed beef followers and vegetarians and vegans will love the vegetable broth. All bone broth comes in an array of flavours from turmeric to homestyle original. Recommended you have daily as a drink, maybe add a pinch of Himalayan salt, or you can add to your casseroles, stews and meatballs.

As well as having bone broth improve your gut health by having a diverse range of food and eat fermented foods such as Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kombucha and Tempeh which are all available at our store in Wynyard. See you there soon.

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